The Walking Dead Coffee Mugs


The Best Walking Dead Coffee Mugs

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a zombie fan? Wondering where to buy a Walking The Walking Dead MugDead coffee mug?  The Walking Dead tv show is the most popular Zombie show around which is creating a Zombie craze around the world, so as a big fan myself, (actually I’m quite obssesed) I wanted to share with you these incredibly gruesome coffee mugs especially designed with the Walking Dead theme. They make the perfect novelty birthday or christmas gift for anyone who’s into the Zombie Apocolypse craze, making them great to give to family and friends who love watching this show. They will really enjoy a good giggle every time they drink thier coffee every morning.

But if you’re the fan like me, how commited are you? I bet you don’t have one of these. What better way to have your coffee in the morning than with one of these awesome mugs. Definately a really cool way for a pick me up in the morning. You’ll love the designs so take a look and see if you can choose your favourite. The mug featured above is available from Zazzle.


Coffee Mugs From Zazzle

It doesn’t matter whether you drink tea, coffee or hot chocolate. You’ll take drinking your favourite beverage to a new level when you drink it from one of  these cool mugs. The mugs displayed here have been designed with The Walking Dead theme by some very talented artists from Zazzle, and don’t they just make a very unique gift idea for a Zombie fan.

Choose from the Zombie Killer mug or my favourite the bear paw print taken from the tshirt Carl was wearing in season 2. No matter what your favourite design is, if you click on an image you will be able to see other designs available from this horror drama series. These are made with pride available for you to take home or give as a gift to your family and friends.  Either way you now have a new reason to wake up in the morning.


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Travel Mugs From Zazzle

 I’m actually both a big coffee drinker as well as a huge fan of this tv series so I know anyone who’s a Walking Dead fan like me would be proud to drink from one of these travel mugs and take their Zombie obssesion on the road where ever they go. I can just see fans everywhere with one of these proudly displayed in their car. Why not turn your obssesion into a collection of all things Zombie and buy both types of mugs to proudly display in your car and kitchen. As for making a great gift idea, I personally would be honoured to recieve one of these cool travel mugs and so would your Zombie family and friends.


Choose from the designs featured here, or as I said before, just click on a image and you’ll be able to see the different designs available for you to purchase. And remember shipping takes between 3-5 working days so if you’re purchasing these as a gift, buy them today to give yourself enough time to get it delivered so the recipient of this cool gift doesn’t miss out.

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